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I have installed and it shows on some variants, but it is not showing on completely out of stock items.

Your theme may display differently for completely out of stock items. We can move the snippet in your theme code to make sure it always shows. Please just contact support.

Your theme updated and deleted our snippet file, or it changed and the snippet file did not get added. Please load snippet file using the tool at Support > Load Snippet

By default, the form will not show on preorder item, which are items with a quantity of less than or equal to 0, but that customers are still able to order.

To enable the form on preorder items, go to Settings > General Settingsand turn on Show form on preorder items under Display Settings > Preorder Settings

Under Notifications > Edit Products, you can turn off the form for any products where you do not want it to show.


Under Settings > General Settingsset the Min Restock Quantity To Send Notifications to whatever threshold you would like.

We will not automatically send a notification until the inventory of any variant reaches that level. Please note, this is the variant quantity, not the allover product quantity. Therefore, if you have a threshold set to 5, and you restock 5 of size small and 2 of size large, we will only send notifications to those who have signed up for a size small.

Below is a list of things to check if you find that the emails are not sent:

  • Check under Settings > General Settingsin the Location Settings section that a location is selected to send notifications from. If no location is selected, automated emails will not send

  • Under Settings > General Settings, make sure that that Automatically Email Restock Notifications to Customer is checked

  • Under Settings > General Settings, make sure that the Min Restock Quantity to Send Notifications is a number that is less than or equal to the amount you are restocking

  • If you are testing by putting a product that is out of stock in stock, and then immediately flipping it back to out of stock, it also will not work. It usually takes 10 minutes to an hour to send restock notifications, but can take up to 6 hours if Shopify does not send us the signal that you have updated the product. At the time we go to send emails, we check the stock quantity then. If it is already back to 0, we won't send an email. So you have to make sure to leave the product in stock.

Typically, the notification should send within 15 minutes, as Shopify notifies us everytime you update the product and we check whether notifications should be sent. However, the notification that you updated the product isn't guaranteed to be sent to us by Shopify, and sometimes they do not send it. In that case, it can take 6 hours for the notification to send.

If you are anxious to send notifications immediately, there is a manual "Send Now" button under Notifications > Current Sign Ups by the product. You can click this to trigger notifications to send immediately. 


Your browser likely has your stylesheet cached. After changing colors under Settings > Change Colors, please try clearing your browser cache and doing a hard reload.

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