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Low cost app with BIG returns

Our proven restock app used by thousands of Shopify of stores has generated over $300M in revenue (and growing!) for our loyal subscribers by bringing back customers as soon as products are restocked.
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More Features, Lower Cost

Compare Alert Me! Restock Alerts to other Shopify apps, we have the most features for the lowest cost to you, allowing you to maximize profits.
  • Unlimited customer sign ups per month
  • Unlimited emails sent per month
  • Option to show on product or collection page (or both!)
  • Fully automated
  • Matches with your theme
  • Customizable widgets for product and collection page
  • Concierge support
  • Show/hide form by product
  • Show/hide form by collection
  • Export all data
  • Choose whether to show on preorder products


KNC Keys LLC - 5 stars

This app is a life saver! I am not physically able to keep up with the demand and having this app allows for me not to lose customers by allowing them to sign up for restock notifications! 5/5 MUST HAVE